The Ice Dragon

Dragon Bound # 2

Rose has lived in fear of her powers since a tragic accident took her parents from her sisters and brothers. Convinced that she was the cause, she shuts herself off from any chance of happiness with her family or her possible mate.

Victor, an ice dragon, will move heaven and earth to prove to Rose that she is his mate. He already knows that he is. He just has to convince Rose. That has proven to be a challenge. Rose doesn't deny the attraction, but her fear is holding her back. Can Rose overcome her fears to finally open her heart to her family and her mate?

I first became familiar with Tianna's writing style in her collaboration with Viola Grace for the D.A.R.E chronicles. She has proven to be a great stand-alone author in this series. I found myself totally immersed in this story and was sad to see it end. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the next one in this series, as well as the next D.A.R.E. project collaboration.

Book Blurb for The Ice Dragon

Rose wants and needs a mate, but when one offers in the form of a dragon, can she stop running long enough to test the bond?

Rose is convinced that no man, let alone a dragon, could possibly want her. When an ice dragon turns on the heat, she does what her instincts scream for her to do. Grabs her sister and heads for the hills with a dragon in cold and calculating pursuit. With her destiny held in a kiss, will she ever let him get close enough to prove their match? 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00