The Gazing Globe

Book 2 in the Tales of the Order series.

This is the second in the "Tales of the Order" series and I’ve found a series I love. Gets started on this series today and keep on reading. Luckily it’s a longstanding series and one you can jump into. Do start with the first book for the best experience.

Blain is a farmer who has lost his parents within days of each other for no apparent reason, and now he is beginning to experience the same symptoms as his parents. Unfortunately, none of the doctors can find anything wrong with him. Thinking he is going crazy, he hides his urge to run in the forest in the dead of night. Now, all of the sudden he has house guests that are acting very strange and mysterious.

Shayla and Afton come all the way from England to find out why Blain's parents died so suddenly. Blain is about to find out about his heritage, as well as who and what his parents really were. Shayla is the only one who holds the key to his past, and Afton holds the key to his heart and his future. Will they be able to find out what happened to his parents before time runs out and he falls victim to the same illness that cut his parents’ lives so short.

The Gazing Globe is a standalone book, however to appreciate this book more it helps to have read the first book in this series. The author does bring up characters of the previous book to enhance the story.

Book Blurb for The Gazing Globe

Book 2 in the Tales of the Order series.

Before his parents died, Blain McTavish lived a peaceful life as a farmer in a quiet Maine town. Now two mysterious women have arrived from England — and they seem to be trying to protect him from harm. But who would want to hurt Blain? And why does he feel compelled to run naked in the forest at night?

Afton O'Malley wishes she could be a better Druid. When her mentor, Shayla, the Sorceress of the Order, asks her to accompany her to the States, she is eager to take on the task. When she meets Blain, the feelings he stirs in her are proof positive that magic is more than spells and shapeshifting.

Blain does not know the extent of the danger around him, or of his latent fairy and Druid powers. With Afton's help, he must come to understand his destiny — and take his place within the Order.

Publisher Note: This title was previously published elsewhere under the same title.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 5.00