The Fifteenth Letter

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The Fifteenth Letter

Falcon's Bend Series, #3

Welcome back to Falcon's Bend where we meet the newest patrol officer Amber Carfi. She gets the news that her father, Zeke is getting paroled and coming to live with her. He's been in prison for 15 years for armed robbery. Each year on the anniversary of what was supposed to be his and his partner's biggest heist, he gets a letter. He got caught when his partner, Nelson decided to take a life and ended up paying for that life with his own. Nelson's family blamed Zeke for his death so every year he get a letter on that day as a reminder of what happened.

The department knows about Amber's dad's past, his arrest, as well as his release, now things become interesting. Amber gets her dad's diary and while she goes to pick him up it was stolen. Inside the binding was a key that she found when the binding came loose. She gave it to her partner, Jensen for safe keeping. Could this have something to do with her father's release and has he actually mended his ways or is he still after the big score?

Take another trip to Falcon's Bend to see if Pete, Danny, Amber, and Jensen can follow the clues left behind to uncover the threat to her father and her before its too late.

I love how all three of the books have included the elements of the earlier books. I have to agree that these are standalone novels, however to thoroughly enjoy this series you need to read them all. As the saying goes, "You can't have (read) just one." Sit back and enjoy the small town life at Falcon's Bend.

Book Blurb for The Fifteenth Letter

For the past fifteen years, on the anniversary of his arrest for armed robbery, Zeke Carfi has received a threatening letter signed by the wife of his deceased partner in crime.

Zeke's daughter Amber, Falcon's Bend Police Department's newest patrol officer, has spent fifteen years holding onto a secret that could further condemn the father she'd worshiped as a child. When Zeke is released on parole, Amber finds herself questioning everything she's ever believed. Is Zeke the good man she once knew? How could the father who'd made her the center of his world for the first seven years of her life be a criminal? Is it possible to turn from a life a crime, or is it true that once a criminal always a criminal?

Their reconciliation is cut short when Amber discovers the fifteenth letter...and the key to a fifteen-year mystery that could lead to murder.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00