The Craftsman

Tales of the Order, Book Five

Candace Sams has done it again with her fifth installment of the Tales of the Order and another 5 star review. The reader is brought once again into the realm of mythical creatures that inhabit the Order. Gawain has survived a fire that devastated his workshop and took his hand. Nine lives were lost as well as all the crafts that the members of the Order had created to help them survive. Blaming himself for the tragic accident he runs away and is on the brink of death when he is found and brought back to life. He swears to help rebuild what was lost if only he can find the inspiration he needs.

The sorceress sends for Troda the leader of the Brownies to help get things ready for a showing. Troda was Gawain's teacher and mentor and with him he brings his granddaughter Wren who is very organized and guaranteed to put things back on track.

Can Gawain overcome his self-loathing and blame long enough to finally open himself to be inspired and create his greatest masterpiece yet with the help of Wren? Will he recover enough to discover the second chance he has been given to life, love, and happiness?

Book Blurb for The Craftsman

Book 5 in the Tales of the Order series.

When Gawain O'Malley lost his right hand in the tragic fire that destroyed all his artwork and claimed lives, he also lost the will to live. He feels wholly responsible for the fire and can no longer generate an income for the Shire though his work. Concerned for Gawain's well-being — and the future of her people — the Sorceress of the Order enlists a group of Brownies to come to his aid.

When Wren arrives at the Shire, she immediately realizes Gawain is her true love — despite her betrothal to someone else. And when they're together, Gawain feels a deep sense of peace that helps ease his guilt.

But as the two are about to discover, the fire was not Gawain's fault at all…but the work of an evil outside force.

Publisher's Note: This title was previously published elsewhere under the same title.

This book is the fifth in a series. Though it can be read as a stand-alone, the previous book should be read first.

Blush: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic level).

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 5.00