Tears on Stone

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Tears on Stone

Falcon's Bend Series, #2

This is the second of the Falcon's Bend series and the authors do not disappoint.

I enjoyed every minute of this book.

Pete's brother, Jordan, has new neighbors. MaryEmma Gold, or "Marigold" as he nicknamed her long ago when he first met her. Marigold has changed; she still loves gardening but is withdrawn and unapproachable. Way different from when he knew her all those years ago. He comes up with the idea to have her bring back to life the stone garden, that has been neglected for many years, as a way to bring her back to life.

Then he also has to figure out what is going on with her sister, Shelley and their other roommate Pam. Both are very secretive and wary of anybody who tries to make conversation with them. What is it that they are hiding, and could it jeopardize what he is trying to rekindle with Marigold?

When Pete and Danny check things out there appears to be a lot more to the story than what is on the surface. All this makes for a very exciting and interesting story.

Come on back to Falcon's Bend and sit a spell as you get taken on a roller coaster ride once again.

Book Blurb for Tears on Stone

Is murder ever justifiable?

Falcon's Bend Police Department Investigator Pete Shasta's brother Jordan, is recently divorced and intent on putting his life back together for himself and his daughter.

Jordan discovers that people have moved into the house next door to him and one of them is MaryEmma Gold, who'd lived in the house he now owns when he was a boy. Jordan soon finds that his shy "Marigold" has become an even more withdrawn woman.

MaryEmma's sister Shelley sleeps all day and parties all night. Seeing bruises all over MaryEmma's arms, Jordan asks his brother to check into her past. Pete and his partner Danny Vincent discover that Shelley's husband died in a fire only a week before they came to Falcon's Bend. The women left their jobs and lives behind abruptly.

Meanwhile, Shelley's new boyfriend is found near the dam, bludgeoned to death. As they uncover murder in the form of a conspiracy, Pete and Danny can't help noticing that Shelley Wilson leaves a trail of dead men behind her wherever she goes...and Jordan may be next.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00