Stone Heart

Tales of the Order, Book Three

This is the third installment of the Tales of the Order and it does not disappoint. The author has made this book just as good as the other two. Once again it is a standalone book, however without reading the first two you cannot appreciate the introduction of new characters.

This is the story of Angus MacGregor and Karen Matthews. Both are tied together in a shared destiny. MacGregor was cursed due to the coldness of his heart and lack of care for his fellow man. The Sorceress of the Ancients has seen and heard enough, she brings about a curse that matches the coldness of his heart.

On his way to his camp site MacGregor shows a moment of caring for a little child who has lost her only companion, a kitten to the baker for stealing some bread. MacGregor rectifies the situation and ensures that Elspeth will never want for anything again. When he returns the sorceress curses him to becoming a hideous stone creature that reflects the coldness of his heart. He will be able to hear everything around him and if someone can utter the enchantment again after 300 years have passed he will be set free.

Karen Matthews is a descendant of Elspeth, and has grown up with the legend of the stone creature in her family. The story has been passed on from generation to generation. Her grandmother makes a request that she find the stone statue and utter the words to release who is within. With nothing left to lose Karen sets out to have one last grand adventure.

Time has softened MacGregor's stone heart and he has been freed by Karen, now he sets out to rectify his behavior of the past. Can the past truly be forgiven and can Karen open her heart to let this one grand adventure last a lifetime?

Book Blurb for Stone Heart

Three hundred years ago, Angus MacGregor was the most feared and hated man in his village. Appalled by his lack of compassion, the Sorceress of the Ancients turned him into a statue as ugly as his demeanor, condemning him to miserable solitude in a stone prison. Unbeknownst to them, however, one of his rare strokes of kindness would be the key to his freedom.Karen Matthews' strong spirit is no longer enough to sustain her weakening body. She knows she doesn't have long to live, but she's determined to fulfill her beloved aunt's unusual last wish. And while she's off on this bizarre quest, she might as well enjoy the adventure. What she doesn't count on is the existence of a magical Order, where Fairies, Elves and Druids exist and freely practice magic. Neither does she expect to meet Angus, or to uncover the endless depths of his heart.Publisher Note: This book was previously published under the same title.

Reader Advisory: Though this book is the third in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

Blush: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content). Book 3 in the Tales of the Order series.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 5.00