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Karen Robards Shiver is a not to be missed romantic suspense. If you are not already a fan you will be a huge fan once you have finished this book. Ms. Robards writes a romantic suspense that has readers turning the pages until the very end. Don’t miss this book!

Sam is a single mom trying to make ends meet with her towing company. One long night and one dangerous pick-up at the end of her shift will change her life forever, and not for the better. But she needs one last pick-up so she can pay the bills for another month, or so she thought. She gets ready to hook up a BMW and gets right in the middle of a deadly situation.

Marco is in the trunk of a BMW. He thinks his next breath could be his last. He is badly beaten and praying that he can somehow get out of the situation he finds himself in. Sam is hooking up the BMW and finds herself needing to pop the trunk. The sight she finds when she opens it will change her life forever. Now she is on the run with a complete stranger, who against her better judgment she finds herself falling for. Can she get out of the situation with her life and her feelings intact or will she find out that she is in a lot deeper then she could ever imagine?

Book Blurb for Shiver

From “one of the most popular voices in women’s fiction” (Newsweek) comes a heart-pounding romantic suspense novel from New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards.

That night, Samantha Jones was doing what she always did: just trying to get by. Left to make her own way on the mean streets of East St. Louis, the pretty twenty-three-year-old single mother supported herself and her son as best she could by repo-ing cars. When she hooked her junker of a tow truck up to the BMW she’d been sent to haul in, the last thing she expected was to find a beaten, bloody man in the trunk—or to be catapulted into a terrifying fight to survive.

Danny Pantrero was minutes away from dying when Sam found him. Bleeding badly from a gunshot wound, he’d been snatched from protective custody by a vicious gang of drug runners who would stop at nothing to see him dead. With his life on the line, Danny takes Sam hostage. Forcing her to help him, he tries to make her understand that now she’s a target for the killers, too. When they invade her house and threaten her son’s life, she finally understands: there’s no going back. She and five-year-old Tyler go on the run with Danny in a desperate effort to reach the authorities who have promised him protection before the killers can silence all three of them forever. In the face of harrowing danger, Sam has no choice but to trust Danny with her life—and, more importantly, her son’s. Against her will, she starts to fall for the once-menacing stranger, and discovers a depth of passion she never imagined she could feel.

But what Sam doesn’t know is that Danny has a secret that could destroy them all.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00