Ruby Dare

D.A.R.E. Project, #1

Welcome to the world of the DARE project. Ruby was born and raised in a lab with no knowledge of her mother or father. She is a dragon and has 19 sisters all offspring of her dragon parents that she has never met. What makes her family unique is that they can jump dimensions, which is a skill that is needed to bring back people who have jumped by unnatural means and because of this they are tearing their own worlds apart. Ruby and her sisters were trained since the day they were born to do the job.

This is the first in a series that promises to be very enjoyable as each sister learns their unique gifts and finally find their mate. By finding their mate each sister has a chance for freedom and happiness. I hope that I can continue this journey with all the sisters. It is a fast paced, breathtaking, and triumphant journey that I look forward to repeating. 

Book Blurb for Ruby Dare

Born of two dragons but raised in a lab, Ruby has lived a life of quiet regulation, waiting until the project proposed decades earlier can be started. When Dimensional Arrest, Retrieval and Extraction gets underway, her innate ability to jump dimensions puts her on the front lines with her sisters, retrieving people from earth whose presence is tearing their home world apart. Each assignment takes Ruby to another world to retrieve scholars, criminals, researchers, and escapees. The freedom she feels on the new worlds is cruelly taken away when she has to return to earth over and over again.

Meeting one of her own kind is a shock, but his determination to help her gain her freedom is even more of a stunning revelation. He offers her a life without walls, in the sun, and wind in her hair. What dragon could resist?


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75