Red Eye

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Red Eye

Redlaw, #2

Considering the fact that I didn't review the first one of this series it wasn't all that hard to follow. This author tells a very good story. I found myself getting sucked into the tale.

John finds himself in the bowels of the old subway system trying to find out what is happening to the vampires that have immigrated for a better life. It's a life or death struggle for John that he just may not be able to survive due to an intense power struggle that comes where its least expected.

Book Blurb for Red Eye

The eastern seaboard of the USA is experiencing the worst winter weather in living memory, and John Redlaw is in the cold white thick of it. He’s come to America to investigate a series of vicious attacks on vampire immigrants – targeted kills that can’t simply be the work of amateur vigilantes.

Dogging his footsteps is Tina “Tick” Checkley, a wannabe TV journalist with an eye on the big time.

The conspiracy Redlaw uncovers could give Tina the career break she’s been looking for. It could also spell death for Redlaw.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50