Queen of Kings

The Immortal Story of Cleopatra

What if Cleopatra were immortal with a blood lust unsurpassed by anything ever seen? That is one of the questions that this author addresses.

Cleopatra is in mourning, her husband and lover Marc Antony lies dead at his own hand believing that Cleopatra betrayed him. Cleopatra makes an unholy alliance with the ancient goddess of chaos and death. The price, Cleopatra's heart and soul.

Thus begins a journey of blood, death, and revenge. As an immortal Cleopatra has immense power, but she has lost her soul. This begins a journey that will take Cleopatra all over the known world in her quest for revenge over the loss of her family. She will strike terror in Caesar's heart and topple kingdoms wherever she goes. Can she find forgiveness, and the lost pieces of her heart and soul.

Read the book and find out. This si a paranormal story that will entrench you within its pages.

Re-Issued Review: Original 7/22/2011. In Trade Size Paperback 5/1/2012.

Book Blurb for Queen of Kings

The Immortal Story of Cleopatra.

Passion and seduction, witches and warriors, and history and mythology combine to bring the timeless story of Cleopatra to life like never before in this stunningly original and spellbinding debut.

The year is 30 BC. A messenger delivers word to Queen Cleopatra that her beloved husband, Antony, has died at his own hand. Desperate to save her kingdom and resurrect her husband, Cleopatra summons the most fearsome warrior goddess, Sekhmet, and against the warnings of her scholars she strikes a mortal bargain. But not even the wisest scholars could have predicted what would follow...

In exchange for Antony's soul, Cleopatra is transformed into a vampiric creature of mythical proportions, an immortal shapeshifter with superhuman strength and an insatiable hunger for human blood-a being at once ferocious and seductive. And she is bent on vengeance against those who have wronged her family and her kingdom. Clashing against witches and monsters, gods and warriors, Cleopatra journeys from the tombs of Egypt to the great amphitheaters of Rome to the ancient underworld-where she will meet her love once again, and where the battle between man and beast will determine the fate of the world.

Blending history, fantasy, romance, and the supernatural, Queen of Kings is a masterful feat of the imagination that fans of Diana Gabaldon, Patricia Briggs, Philippa Gregory, and Neil Gaiman won't want to miss.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.75