Poinciana Road

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Poinciana Road

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, though it had a bit of a slow start. Once the story started to unfold I was totally caught up in it. Overall a great book.

Mallory James left her home in Poinciana in disgrace after she was stood up at the altar by her fiancé Jason Cartwright. She made a name for herself as a premier child psychologist until she gets called back to Poinciana when the man who raised her has a medical emergency. This will force her to confront her past and finally find the happiness that has evaded her for years.

Book Blurb for Poinciana Road

It’s been six years since Mallory James left Moonglade, a former sugar plantation in the shadow of Australia’s magnificent rain forest. Now love and loyalty have called her home—but unspeakable secrets may compel her to flee once more…

A successful child psychologist, Mallory has no wish to return to the tropical hideaway where she experienced so much pain. But her Uncle Robert is ailing and it’s only right that she be there for the man who came to her rescue when she was a lost, lonely child. At least he is not alone—his protégé, and Mallory’s rival for his affections, is also at his side. Blaine Forrester hasn’t lost his knack for getting under Mallory’s skin, taking her breath away and leaving her unsettled at the same time.

While Robert recuperates, Mallory is shocked to learn that Jason Cartwright is on the payroll of his estate—the very man whose humiliating betrayal led her to leave North Queensland on the eve of her wedding. Confronting him—along with his wife and his manipulative twin sister—is a trial, though she can’t help forming a bond with little Ivy, Jason’s sickly daughter. But as tragedy strikes Moonglade, Mallory and Blaine will discover a darkness hidden within this deceptively beautiful world and their enigmatic circle—one that will either unite them at last, or tear apart the promise of paradise…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50