Onyx Shadows

Catnip and Cauldrons Book 2

This is the second in the Catnip and Cauldrons series and it is just as good as the first. I liked it so much, I read it in one sitting.

Nyx and Cole are off to Italy on holiday. Cole promised that she would be able to travel and see the world. Nyx is scared silly on her first plane ride, not to mention that her clowder's leaders up and disappeared after Nyx made her escape. While in Italy she meets other shifters who are breaking away from their clowder's because of the forced mating’s that their Alphas impose on the new shifters.

When Nyx and Cole return to the mainland they meet with the other shifters to find out what the next step will be. Can Nyx and Cole help this ragtag bunch of shifters keep their new clowder safe from other clowder’s that would try to prevent them from thriving?

Read this series in order!

Book Blurb for Onyx Shadows

When Onyx meets another werecat on the run, she learns she's not alone. At first she's thrilled to meet other shifters in her predicament, but something isn't right. Could it be they're on the same side after all?

While vacationing in Rome with her wizard boyfriend Cole—and enjoying more than the sights—Onyx Knight meets another werecat on the run. Kipp reveals that werecats all over are coming out of the shadows of tradition and striking out on their own. With the belief that joining forces can benefit everyone, Kipp encourages Onyx and Cole to join their group.

At first Onyx is thrilled to be among fellow shifters. However, the more Onyx learns about the werecats, the more danger she finds herself in. Will they be able to beat their attackers before it's too late?

ONYX SHADOWS is the second book in the Catnip and Cauldrons series.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00