Onyx Night

Catnip and Cauldrons Book 1

This book was a great novella. I read it in one sitting. I love books that are quickies that have a great story to boot.

Onyx Night is attending college at River Edge University. That is about an hour away from her home town of Catcall Falls. She gets called out of her Medieval History class suddenly for an emergency at home. This is the beginning of Onyx's trip down the rabbit hole. She goes home to find out that her parents have died tragically in a car accident, but wait there's more. Within an hour of the news Nyx finds herself transformed into a black cat. If that wasn't bad enough she finds out that people close to her have plans for her future.

Professor Cole comes to her rescue to protect her from any unsavory plans that her clowder has in store for her. It helps that he himself is a sorcerer. He takes her into his protection, but will their mutual attraction be a help or a hindrance?

This is the first in the Catnip and Cauldrons series and the reader definitely needs to start with this to understand what is going on in the next book.

Book Blurb for Onyx Night

When her parents are taken from her too soon, Onyx Night is thrust into a secret world and discovers something about herself she could never have imagined.

Onyx Knight has yearned to leave her tiny hometown behind for years. With her parents' support she attends the local university where she has developed a not-so-innocent crush on her Medieval History professor, Cole Radcliffe. A family tragedy thrusts Onyx into a secret world she never knew existed and she discovers something about herself she could never have imagined.

Family friends promise to help Onyx through this transition, but they demand certain things in return. Things she can't—and will not—give. When it becomes clear they are willing to get what they want from her by force, Onyx goes on the run.

Cole Radcliffe has his own secrets. When he finds Onyx in need of help, he takes her in, against his better judgment. He plans to keep her safe, but how can he keep her safe if he can't even protect her from himself?

This is the first in a series that needs to be read in order. Book two is titled Onyx Shadows, Catnip and Cauldrons Book 2.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00