Blood Sisters 1

This is the first book in the 'Blood Sisters' series. Three women who believed that they never had a sister or a family come to find out in a very strange way that this is not the case. Misty is the first one we meet and her life is about to become more complicated and complex than she could ever imagine.

Rad has come to investigate the mysterious and puzzling deaths of five "Vamps" that occurred, in of all places, a blood bank. He is an enforcer sent to investigate and find the source of any unusual activity, or in this case, deaths of vamps. He was sent by the council to find out what was so different from the other blood at the blood bank that caused an ancient vampire and four others to turn on each other and in essence, destroy one another.

Misty seems to be the source of the uproar. She donated blood at a blood bank and there is enough of a difference in it that it has caught the attention of the vampire council. Rad is sent to protect her and possibly get a sample to find out what is unique about her blood.

As Rad and Misty try to find the truth, their connection grows, and Misty finds out that she is not as alone as she first thought.

Book Blurb for Misty

Say this three times, and three women find out that what they have believed in all their lives is wrong. They do have sisters, and there are Vampires.

Among the Vampires are those who just want their blood, because it is better than normal mortal blood. But there is also a special connection for each sister with three male Vampires who want more than just blood.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00