Messenger's Angel

A Novel of the Lost Angels

The second book in the lost angel’s series was just as good as the first. I am so looking forward to the next one. I loved reading about Gabriel and his archess Juliette. Each book in this series gives you more of the story of the four archangels, as well as the fallen angel Samuel. We also start learning more about the Adarian race.

This is the story of Gabriel and Juliette. Gabriel of course is the Messenger Angel. Juliette is his arches, his perfect mate, made for him as a reward for everything he and his brothers have done for the "Old Man." Uriel has already found his archess in the first book. The only ones left are Azrael and Michael. Sounds easy, doesn't it. The catch, the Archangels have been waiting for 2000 years and they aren't the only ones searching for the archesses. Gabriel has to woo and win Juliette as well as battle the Adarians and try to figure out what Samuel has planned in the grand scheme of things. So, can Gabriel and Juliette overcome all the obstacles in their way to become the Archangel and Archess they are meant to be? Check it out for yourself.

These books keep getting better and better. We get a preview of the next book, and man does it leave me anxiously awaiting it. This is one of the best series I have read. The author keeps the reader interested and engaged. I find myself trying to figure out the grand scheme of things along with the characters of these books. It makes for excellent reading. I am anxiously awaiting the third one in this series as the excerpt has me hooked.

Book Blurb for Messenger's Angel

As the former Messenger Archangel, Gabriel has had lifetimes to search for the one woman intended for him. So he's surprised to discover Juliette Anderson in the dark corner of his favorite pub in Scotland, the land he's called home for two thousand years-and the last place he expected to find her. The connection between them is strong, hot and instantaneous.Juliette is in the town to gather research for her doctoral thesis. She doesn't need a tall, gorgeous man with silver eyes to distract her. Especially after he kisses her and calls her his archess. She figures he's crazy. Until she find herself pursued by dangerous men, led by a fallen archangel with vampiric tendencies.Now Juliette must turn to Gabriel for help-and unravel the truth behind her existence.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00