Magic of the Nile

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Magic of the Nile

Gods of Egypt Sequel

It has been almost 15 years since Sobek healed Tyema's leg and made her his high priestess. Now she is given the task of going to Pharoah to deliver a crocodile for Sobek's temple in Thebes. Sahure has arrived to turn Tyema's world upside down.

Tyema must deliver the crocodile to Thebes as well as figure out the threat to Pharoah by an old enemy. She must also come to grips with the unfinished business between her and Sahure before it is too late to save Pharoah and all of Egypt.

Veronica Scott has brought the ancient gods of Egypt to life. This is such a great series of books that I can't wait for the next one. If you love ancient Egypt, this is the series for you. Sit back and enjoy this journey to ancient Egypt and reacquaint yourselves with its rich history.

Book Blurb for Magic of the Nile

Standalone sequel to Priestess of the Nile...

Scorned and ignored as a child by her family because of her crippled foot, Tyema was magically healed by Sobek the Crocodile God, then installed as the High Priestess of his temple. But Tyema is still haunted by her memories, scarred by the abuse she endured. Despite Sobek’s protection, as an adult she’s become a near recluse inside the temple grounds…

Until Captain Sahure arrives in her remote town, sent from Thebes on an urgent mission for Pharaoh, requiring High Priestess Tyema’s help. From that moment on, her quiet, safe life is upended in ways she never could have expected.

But after a whirlwind romance with Sahure, the two part as Pharaoh orders him to undertake another assignment on Egypt’s dangerous frontier, far from Tyema’s remote town.

Heart-broken, Tyema is ready to return to her life of loneliness, official duties and, now, regret. But the Crocodile God has other plans for his priestess: she must uncover the sorcerer who threatens Pharaoh’s life with black magic. Soon enough, Tyema finds herself thrown into the chaos of Pharoah’s court, neck deep in intrigue and danger. Just when she thinks she can’t take the pressures of a very public court life and her secret investigation for the Crocodile God any longer, Sahure re-enters the scene.

But is her former love there to help or to hinder? Can they resolve their differences and work together to find the dark sorcerer who threatens Pharaoh and Egypt? Will the love between a proud warrior and a shy priestess lead them to a future together?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00