Ice Age Lover

Werewolf Sentinels, #4

Marisa Chinery does it again, the fourth installment of her Werewolf Sentinels series is just as good as all the rest.

Kajakti is feeling restless, his werewolf brothers are finding there mates left, right, and sideways leaving him hungering for his own mate. Hoping to take the edge off of his restlessness he goes into town with the hopes of finding something to ease it.

Jaren has just been stranded by her boyfriend in Alaska on what was supposed to be their trip to reconnect. She has no money, no ticket home, and no passport until Monday. She finds herself being rescued by Kajakti, and boy does he get her body into overdrive.

They have a few drinks and he takes her to his house to help her get back on her feet and sober up. Good plan that goes up in smoke when Jaren decides to show Kajakti how much she appreciates what he did for her inadvertently bonding the together.

Can Kajakti help Jaren adjust to a life with him and all it entails? You have to read it for yourself.

Book Blurb for Ice Age Lover

Book four in the Werewolf Sentinels series.

Dumped and abandoned on a trip to Alaska by her now ex-boyfriend, Jaren has nowhere to go and no money, until a sexy knight in shining armor appears and, like any good hero, rescues her. And she repays him by getting drunk and riding him like her favorite amusement park ride. Well done.

Kajakti was more than pleased to find his mate, but when his erotic dream turns out to be reality, he has no idea how to break it to Jaren that she cemented the mating bond by seducing him in his sleep. And the topper is, she doesn’t even know he’s a werewolf. A fine mess indeed.

As Kajakti prepares to reveal all to the woman he loves, the dark wolves make a new move that could shift the balance in the war against them and put the sentinels at risk. Kajakti gets the first taste of it, which threatens not only him, but his unturned mate.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00