Hot Licks

I loved this book. The author introduced the reader to a wonderful family with just a little bit extra. I was immersed from beginning to end. I hope the story of the Felix family continues, There were a lot of unanswered questions that could be explored in other books about this family. I hope I get the chance to review them.

We meet Gwen who is a forest ranger that has taken a job at the Felix families home. Their land encompasses a forest that is a game preserve, an orchard, as well as a bed and breakfast. Gwen accepts the job with the family and finds herself drawn to the picture of the oldest of the Felix boys, Rome. He is on his way home after retiring from the ATF. Needless to say their first meeting leaves something to be desired. The Felix family men are jaguar shifters and when they find their mate, all bets are off. Gwen happens to be Rome's mate. He figures it out right away, he just has to convince Gwen. The heat between these two makes this book a scorcher and not for the faint at heart. Be prepared to get immersed in a great story that sizzles.

Book Blurb for Hot Licks

A cheating boyfriend causes Gwen Coultier to seek a position as a ranger for a family with a lot going on. An orchard, private forest reserve and a bed-and-breakfast make for a chaotic mix that keeps her on her toes, especially when strange things start to happen in the reserve.

With the return of Rome, strange becomes seductive, and refraining from an intimate relationship with the boss's sexy son quickly becomes an impossibility.

Leaving his job with the ATF, Rome Felix comes home to Olivia's Orchards, weary of hunting down psychotic prey. As a shifter, the only black jaguar in his family, he needs stability and room to roam, but when a tantalizing scent greets him at the front door, his plans change, and he begins a new and more erotic type of hunt. And since cats lick what they like, tasting every inch of his mate's body will be a sensual draw he won't ignore.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00