Gryphon's Quest

Tales of the Order, Book One

Gryphon's Quest is the beginning of a not to miss series. I was enchanted and drawn into this tale and you will be as well. This is fantasy romance at its best.

What if myths were real? How have they remained hidden for as long as they have? This brings about the premise for this series. Their is a secret society that polices the myths and legends that we have grown up with. They are just known as "The Order." Gryphon works for them and has for many years, but he has a secret of his own that has caused him to be a loner. His parents made a decision that forever altered him.

Heather deals with ancient artifacts on a daily basis, using her knowledge of Celtic lore to pinpoint with accuracy where the artifact has come from. While cataloging the newest acquisitions for her museum she finds herself smack dab in a world of magic where legends are real and can be deadly. When science and magic get together there is bound to be some fireworks the question is can Heather survive the fallout?

Book Blurb for Gryphon's Quest

From an ancient English forest where legends hide comes a man of myth. Gryphon O'Connor is a Druid warrior belonging to an Order of mythical creatures — creatures who hide in today's world, fearing discovery.Now someone has stolen artifacts that could expose the Order, and Gryphon must retrieve them before his world is destroyed. He knows accomplishing this mission will come at a price. What he doesn't anticipate is falling in love with Heather, a bighearted, beautiful, fiery woman from the outside. As the worlds of magic and science collide, Gryph and Heather must brave unthinkable dangers to save both.

And to keep the Order's existence a secret, someone must die.Publisher Note: This title was previously published elsewhere. Blush: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content) Book 1 in the Tales of the Order series.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00