For Better or Hearse

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For Better or Hearse

Jewel of the Night

Daisy has decided to stay in Mayville and keep her sisters with her. She decides to open up a bridal boutique. Good idea, except it used to be a funeral home, in a small town. Small towns have a difficult time with change. However, things are becoming a little extreme. Bodies keep showing up in the strangest places. Not to mention a mystery involving lost Nazi loot. Can Daisy figure out the mystery before she becomes one of the bodies?

This is a terrific book with bouts of hilarity that make for an enjoyable read. I spent my time reading this in the great outdoors, while enjoying the arrival of an early summer.

You can't go wrong with this book. Grab your favorite beach towel and sunglasses and head outside to enjoy a good read, soaking up some rays. Don't forget the sunscreen. Enjoy your summer with a good book and this is one of the good ones.

Book Blurb for For Better or Hearse

When Daisy Budd and her slightly dysfunctional sisters decide to turn a mortuary into a fashionable wedding boutique, they expect some opposition. After all, towns like Mayville don't care much for change. But when a body shows up in the mortuary's fountain, Daisy knows it's time to leave the bridezillas behind and solve the mystery. Nick Bowman, disinherited son of the town's leading family, is back after a seven-year estrangement. He's determined to protect his late grandfather's reputation by locating some loot supposedly hidden in the mortuary's cellar. But Nick's quest is complicated by the new owner. Daisy doesn't trust his motives and she's uncomfortable with the sparks the two of them generate, especially since Nick used to date her sister. When a second body shows up at the mortuary, Nick and Daisy need to work together to find the truth--but what happens when their inconvenient sparks become flames?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00