Fiery Temptation

Angels of Rock, #2

This is the second one in the Angels of Rock series, and man what a book. I loved every minute of it. Every series the Marisa writes is always so good and fun to read. The next book in her series' are just as good as the first.

This is the second installment of the set and here is where we meet Neve and Jalen.

Neve is an out of work receptionist hoping to get hired on at the early man dig site and Jalen is lead guitarist for the band Soar. The lead singer has already found his mate and now it's Jalen's turn.

Neve sees something in the sky that looks like a flying man while touring the early man exhibit in the Mojave desert. She leaves the group to investigate and meets Jalen just past the dig site. She is immediately attracted and a little star struck. She's even more dumbfounded when Jalen asks her out on a date.

The sparks fly immediately, but is it enough to make a lasting love and survive an attack by an old enemy? Gotta read it to find out. This may be a quickie, but it's a goodie.

Book Blurb for Fiery Temptation

Rock stars don’t belong in the desert … or do they?

Neve walks onto an archeological site in the Mojave Desert, hoping for a job. The thing is, she finds something a little better. Okay, a lot better. In the desert, among the rocky, rolling hills, she sees a winged man luring her deeper into the wilderness. She expects to find scorpions and tumbleweeds, but instead, what she stumbles across is Jalen, the gorgeous lead guitarist of Soar. What’s better than getting swept off her feet … literally?

Jalen can’t stop his wings from taking him to the Mojave. A place his race, the Alte, had once called home, he yearns for the comfort the landscape provides. Only now, the land is even more beautiful than before, all due to the presence of the alluring Neve. She intrigues him, draws him in like no other.

It’s only when a man intent on exterminating the Alte captures her that Jalen realizes he needs Neve by his side … forever.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00