Fated to a Cougar

Cougar Surrender, #4

This is the fourth in the series and man it doesn't pull any punches, especially when it starts out with one.

Grady is out with Draven hoping to relax and find his mate. While leaving he catches Caleb's scent. His whole family has been trying to find him and bring him to justice for what he did to his uncle. He catches sight of him, only to lose him in an alley, or so he thinks until Caleb cold cocks him with a metal pipe.

Sage is on patrol and she sees Grady knocked out. She goes over to help him, only to be kissed senseless by him as he comes to. In the process he gets her to agree to a date with him. Can a first date turn into something more? With Sage's help, will Grady finally be able to track down Caleb and bring him to justice for what he did?

This is another great quickie from Marisa. So put your feet up, grab a drink and immerse yourself in this fourth Cougar shifter installment.

Book Blurb for Fated to a Cougar

Out on the hunt for the fairer sex, cougar shifter Grady doesn’t expect to run across his other prey. As he follows Caleb on a mad dash through Anchorage’s dark streets, Grady ends up on the receiving end of a metal pipe to the head. When a police cruiser arrives on the scene, Caleb takes off, leaving Grady in the dirt.

As a cop, Sage’s job is to protect and serve. But she doesn’t expect to be kissed senseless by the sexy man she’s trying to help. She can’t resist his charm—or his touch on her body—and agrees to see him again.

A relationship started on passion changes quickly when tragedy slams into Sage’s life. But with Grady by her side, Sage finds the one thing she’s been missing.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 5.00