Druid Bride

What a great book, I enjoyed every minute of it. The story line was great, as well as the characters. I couldn't stop once I started. I came back from vacation and got wrapped in a wonderful story. I could picture everything so easily and clearly. Keep up the great work.

Book Blurb for Druid Bride

Sub Genre: Historical
Short Novel of 57000 words

Heat rating: 3

She carried the seed of rebirth, so what had fallen would rise again.The ghost of her ancestor sent Druidess Tanwen from Britannia to the strange foreign tribe of the Caledonii to wed Brude, son of the chief. But Brude is not about to marry a druidess, even though she has the most beautiful body he’s ever seen. Never mind if his blood boils and he can’t stop thinking of her. He will not wed her. Yet the fate of Caledonia rests in the hands of the Warrior and the Druidess. Will they put their differences aside to fulfill their destiny?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75