Double Dragon Seduction

1 Night Stand Series

This is an excellent quickie when you don't have a lot of time, with a lot of steam and fireworks to boot. Give yourself a quick treat, sit back, and enjoy.

Gwen has just gotten out of a bad relationship. She decides to get back out in the dating world by signing up for a one night stand, no strings, just sex. The dating service is run by Madame Evangeline who has an uncanny knack of finding the perfect match.

In this case, Gwen's perfect match happens to be two brothers, but these two brothers have a secret that is right up Gwen's alley.

Book Blurb for Double Dragon Seduction

Gwen Trembley is disturbed by the upcoming wedding of her reprehensible ex, and coping with her emerging fiery talent. Gwen seeks the services of 1NS for a night where new carnal knowledge will revive her damaged soul. Madame Eve has the perfect arrangements, but perhaps twice what she bargained for.

Twin brothers Tatsu and Yong Li, are in desperate need of a unique woman who can accept them as inseparable. They carry not one, but two secrets. These exotic brothers can’t be with just any woman, and if Gwen is willing to try, she will face the most passionate, lust-filled night of her life, but will she survive? Will they? 1NS finds a match they never expected possible.

Heat level: 5

Word count – 12k

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00