Designs On A Warrior

Wolves of East Anglia, #4

I've read all of the Wolves of East Anglia and I love every one of them. They are a quick read, but each one is an awesome story.

In this one we get introduced to Cydney and Maggie. Cydney gets more than she bargained for in her quest for a boy toy. Cydney comes to Norwich with Maggie to have some fun with an English boy toy for a month to celebrate her completion of her Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design. She gets more than she could ever expect from Wulfric on of the Warriors of Tiw to prevent the spread of Fenris' offspring of werewolves.

Wulfric is on the hunt and meets his mate mid hunt in Cydney, before he can let her in on his unique abilities her best friend Maggie is kidnapped by one of Fenris' werewolves. Now he has to tell her about his job and hope she doesn't run for the hills and back to Canada.

I can't wait for the next one in this series and hope I get the chance to review it. Once again a great story, even though its a quickie it only leaves the reader hungry for the next in the series.

This is another great example of Marisa Chenery's story telling. I find myself getting totally immersed in her books every single time. The books keep getting better and better. Pick Designs on a Warrior up for some hot and steamy fun with her Wolves of East Anglia. Once again, Ms. Chenery delivers.

Book Blurb for Designs On A Warrior

Finished with university and leaving her native Canada behind, Cydney visits Norwich, England with her best friend. And she's on the hunt…for a British boy toy to help fill her vacation. She finds the perfect candidate one night in a nightclub—he's tall, muscular and as good-looking as sin. She doesn't waste any time determining if he can be the one to occupy her time.

Wulfric—a shape shifting immortal warrior charged by the Anglo-Saxon god, Tiw, to protect mortals from werewolves sired by Fenris the wolf—has followed his prey's scent trail to a nightclub. Following inside to continue the hunt, he's confronted by a gorgeous woman who introduces herself while grabbing his crotch. He's even further distracted when he realizes that she's his mate.

But as things heat up between them, the disappearance of Cydney's best friend forces Wulfric to tell her the truth about himself before he's ready. And the chance of having to let her go could be one battle he'll lose in the end.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00