Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds

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Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds

Blackbird Sisters Series, #2

Nora thought her detective days were over and life could get back to normal. Well normal for a former socialite. Then we get the suspicious death of Laura Cooper, wife of Nora's ex-boyfriend Flan Cooper. Not to mention the fact that Nora and Laura had a little bit of a quarrel prior to Laura's death. Either way it doesn't look good for Nora, especially when her grandmother's ring was in Laura's effects.

Needless to say Nancy Martin has done it again with another fun, frolicking mystery for the Blackbird sisters. I can't wait for the next round.

Book Blurb for Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds

When a high society jewel thief winds up drowned at the bottom of a pool with a tacky garden gnome tied to her ankles, Nora must swing into action to save her old flame from a hasty murder charge.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50