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A Novel of the Bloodlands, #1

After the world has been forever altered by an epidemic in the not too distant future we are introduced to a world where in order to survive you must live underground and mine for water. It is in this world that we meet Gabriel and Mariah.

Mariah is scouting for food and sees Gabriel. Believing she is safely hidden she is surprised to find that he can sense where she is. Gabriel pleads for help. He appears to be seriously injured. In this new world it could be a trap. Mariah goes against her better judgment and brings him in to help with his injuries.

This is the beginning of their adventure where all is not as it appears.

You get a world of monsters that takes the reader on many plot twists and turns. Keeping you guessing until the very end. This is one to pick-up.

Book Blurb for Bloodlands

It was called the New Badlands, home to the survivors of a cataclysm that altered the entire nation. Then the vampires arrived, and it was rechristened the Bloodlands. Not because of the vampire, but because of the gun-for-hire who'd decided to slay every monster in the country by any and every means necessary.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.75