The Chosen Book 2

What happens when an ordinary girl discovers she is a possible candidate to be "Chosen" by the Creator to become a protector of mankind fighting the age old battle of good vs evil. Not to mention that she has to find time for her college studies and deal with her growing attraction to one of her professors. If that wasn't enough, until she is officially "Chosen" she has to deal with recruiters from the other side. This is just a day in the life of a typical college student, yeah right.

This book gives a unique spin on the gods and goddesses of mythology. From Norse, Egyptian, Greek, etc... The sizzle between Shay and Aiden adds to the mix, bringing up the heat throughout the book. If you like a fun and steamy romp then this is the book for you.

Re-Issued Review. Originally reviewed on 7/6/11. Book is with a new publisher.

Book Blurb for Blessed

Eliana Shay is an ordinary college girl with an extraordinary birthright. When handsome professor, Aiden Klemenson, sees her, he singles her out as a potential Chosen of the benevolent gods of Creation. He tries to convince Eliana that she is born to do the work of the gods—something unique and powerful. But Eliana’s past doesn’t allow her to have the trust she needs—in Aiden’s gods and the man himself.

Aiden must employ all of his considerable charm to break through her defenses, while trying to keep their relationship strictly platonic. A difficult task when the lush and curvy Eliana’s obvious desire and seductive aura shreds his self-control. Despite his best efforts, desire burns between them with an enchantment all its own.

The gods of Destruction will stop at nothing to keep Eliana from becoming a powerful force against evil. Cunning and deceitful, they send demons and magical serial killers to exterminate her before she can become a Creation god’s Chosen hand on earth. In order to survive, Eliana will have to learn to have faith in her own strength and the warrior who stole her heart.

This title is previously published and has been extensively revised and lengthened in content.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00