Blade of Moonlight

A Midnight Justice story

This is a story of heroes and heroines who bring justice to the unjust when the law fails. We meet Luna, a nondescript, lowly, and somewhat dowdy court recorder. She is easy to miss, which is the plan. At night when the moon is at its peak Luna becomes Luminescence, a heroine with the power of the moon at her fingertips. Unfortunately when there is no moon Luminescence has minimal power at best. This is where the story begins.

Luminescence is out on a scouting mission to track and hopefully apprehend a man who has escaped justice one too many times. He clocks her and as she's fading away she sees Scythe. He is the baddest of the bad supervillians, or so she thinks. He rescues her and captures her all in one night. They form an uneasy alliance with her moonlit brilliance and his brawn. Over the course of working together Luminescence discovers that Scythe is on the same side. He sees the criminal element in shades of gray, whereas she is a black and white kind of gal.

This has an edgy sexuality that I couldn't put down. Especially what appears to be bad on the outside isn't necessarily the whole package. If you like action, adventure, and some down and dirty sexual encounters this is the book for you. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the others in this Midnight Vigilance genre. It's a scorcher.

Book Blurb for Blade of Moonlight

In a world of darkness, she is his light.

It’s a dark and stormy night, and Luna Masters is in trouble. Buttoned-up court reporter by day, by night she fights crime as Luminescence, drawing power from the moon. No moon, no power…and she’s about to pay with her life.

As her consciousness dims, a man steps from the shadows. But he’s no savior. It’s Scythe, a villain whose reputation for evil is legend. When she awakens, at first she’s surprised to be alive. Then enraged to find herself tied to his bed. Naked.

Scythe is livid. A minor superhero like Luna has no business on his turf, and he plans to enjoy administering punishment, Yet somewhere in the night, pain turns into pleasure…then into something wicked and sexy that shakes them both to the core.

Though Scythe warns her away, Luna’s passion for justice draws her back into the dark, to her masked lover’s side. For good, or evil? Only the dawn will tell…

Warning: Pow! In the clash of good versus evil, villains don’t play nicely. Bam! When captured, superheroines often get tied up. Kablooie! Hot sex may cause mayhem with your e-reader.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 5.00