At What Cost

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At What Cost

A Detective Penley Mystery, #1

Three gruesome murders and the only thing tying them together is each of the victims were affiliated with a gang, but all is not as it appears. All of the victims were cut with precision by someone who knew what he was doing. The question is why.

How were they chosen? What made the killer choose these three and how many more before the killer is stopped? These are the questions that must be answered in order to figure out how to stop him.

Follow Detectives John Penley and Paula Newberry as they follow a trail of bread crumbs left by a killer that will lead them down a dark and terrible path that leads to black market organ trade where any organ can be had for the right price. In a case that hits Penley close to home causing him to question everything he knows to catch a killer.

This is a great debut novel that brings the author's years of experience with the justice system into a wonderful mystery full of twists and turns. "At What Cost" is a great book to keep the reader guessing all the way to the end. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for At What Cost

What would you do to save your child?

Detective John Penley and his new partner, Detective Paula Newberry, of the Sacramento Police Department are tasked with leading the investigation into a local serial killer who has dumped three bodies in the past six weeks--and all of them are missing their internal organs. But while pursuing a lead, the detectives stumble upon a personal message the killer left behind for Penley. And it's attached to a human kidney.

How could the killer know Penley's son is on the kidney transplant waiting list? Now Penley's baited into an impossible trap that could jeopardize his entire career. Will the detective take down the killer and place his faith in the medical establishment to heal his son? Or, will he make a deal with the devil for the transplant organ his son needs to live?

At What Cost, James L'Etoile's debut mystery, is a heart-stopping thrill ride that will keep readers guessing at every turn. Fans of Michael Connelly and Thomas Perry won't be able to put this down.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50