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Angelology Series, #1

Do you ever wonder about fallen angels? What happened to the fallen angels that remained on earth? This author tries to answer that question with a great story. It deals with the descendants of fallen angels, or Nephilim.

It all starts with a letter from a man who wants any correspondence between Mother Innocenta and Abigail Rockefeller regarding the various angel statues in the Adoration Chapel. Little did Evangeline know that this would reveal a secret that has been closely guarded by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration since the 1940s. Follow Evangeline's voyage of discovery that takes her out of the safety of the Franciscan Sisters into the world that will lead her on her own journey to a family that she never knew she had.

I loved the mystery that surrounded this story. It pulled me into Evangeline's world after I read the first line. It hooked me good and it’s full of surprises. What a wonderful adventure. 

Book Blurb for Angelology

When Sister Evangeline of the St. Rose Convent stumbles across a mysterious correspondence with Abigail Rockefeller in the archive, it reveals that angels once walked among us...and might still. This discovery plunges Evangeline into the hidden and dangerous world of the Angelologists - a secret society that battles to prevent the ascendancy of the Nephilim, the angels' descendants on Earth. Evangeline becomes the catalyst in a race to hunt down powerful and ancient artefacts that can be used to enslave humankind. And not only is the key to finding those artefacts within her grasp - but also a secret about her own past and its links to the Angelologists. Possession of either could cost Evangeline her life...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50