Angelique's Descent

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Angelique's Descent

Dark Shadows

Lara Parker brings fans of the Dark Shadows series the long awaited story of how Angelique's life and choices brought about Barnabas Collins' curse.

Barnabas has finally been cured, but is plagued by nightmares of his life as a vampire. He tries desparately to rid himself of the remnants of Angelique's curse. While following someone to the old house where he was prisoner of the curse he goes to the one place he never set foot in while alive. The servants quarters where Angelique resided when she was Josette's maidservant. While there he receives a ghostly visit from none other than Angelique. Thinking to rid himself of her memory he burns the old house to the ground. What he finds in the ruins will bring the reader on a trip to the past where Barnabas and Angelique first meet and the tragedy, and finally the curse that has surrounded them for several generations.

Any fan of Dark Shadows will love this trip down memory lane to the beginning of where it all began. So pick up this book and embark on the journey if you dare.

Book Blurb for Angelique's Descent

Dark Shadows’s two most popular characters, Barnabas Collins and Angelique, were eternally bound by love and hate. Now actress Lara Parker, Angelique herself, tells the story of how it all began.

The dashing heir of a New England shipping magnate, Barnabas Collins captures the heart of the exquisite, young Angelique amidst the sensual beauty of Martinique, her island home. But Angelique’s brief happiness is doomed when Barnabas deserts her and becomes engaged to another. With this one betrayal, Barnabas unleashes an evil that will torment him for all time.

For Angelique is no ordinary woman. Raised in the mysterious black art of voodoo witchcraft, she long ago pledged her soul to darkness and became immortal. Vowing to destroy Barnabas, a vengeful Angelique damns him to eternal life as a vampire—a companion to accompany her forever. Little does Angelique understand the depth of Barnabas’s fury....

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50