A Warrior to Love

Book four in the Warrior Hunger series.

Marisa Chinery never disappoints. I love her Warrior Hunger series.

This time we are at the streets of Chicago where we meet Konner, a warrior of Anubis whose job entails hunting evil and defeating it, sending the evil doer to Anubis for judgement. He's been doing it since 1915 and he's very good at his job.

Alexis has just finished a terrible blind date and the cell phone of her battery has died. Her date had his own ideas on how he wanted to spend his night with Alexis and she was in no way interested. In essence he dropped her off at the curb and roared away. She's stranded with no battery on her phone and no way to call a cab to take her home. Then she meets Konner and he gives her use of his phone.

Needless to say sparks fly from the beginning. It is definitely love at first sight, but is it strong enough to hold up to Konner's job as a hunter of Anubis? Especially since Alexis is his mate. Read the book and find out.

Book Blurb for A Warrior to Love

After a disastrous blind date leaves Alexis stranded, she hits up a handsome stranger in the restaurant for his cell phone. She connects to more than the cab company. One look from him has her pulse racing and other notable body parts standing at attention. Their instant chemistry has her night making a turn for the better.

A Warrior of Anubis since 1920, Konner finds the loneliness of his life getting to him. And being celibate for the last five years certainly isn’t helping matters any. But the sexy damsel in distress stirs passions long buried. He has to have her—in his life and in his bed. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in his long existence. But the nature of who he is could end this love affair before he has a chance at forever. Book Length: Novella

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00