A Royal Vampire

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A Royal Vampire

Royal Vampires # 1

Joshua has lived most of his life in captivity. He was created in a lab by the king. The king has a secret, he is a vampire. It has come close to his time to step down from the throne. He hatches a plan, create an heir. In essence, make a clone of himself. This brings about Joshua. He has all of the king's memories, with none of his weaknesses. He doesn't have the bloodlust of a normal vampire, but he has their strength, speed, and a few other powers thrown in the mix.

He wasn't just created using Paul's DNA, he had his mom's DNA, as well as the DNA of a sorcerer as well. Joshua has to adjust to being thrust into the public's eye as he takes the throne. Did I forget to mention that Paul wants to find a way to control Joshua as well? This is the first in the Royal Vampire series, and it has to be read in order to get the scope of the story.

Sit back and enjoy the beginning of this series. You will not be disappointed. I definitely enjoyed the beginning of the series and I look forward to reading the whole story.

Book Blurb for A Royal Vampire

After twenty-four years in captivity, Joshua must suddenly take on the task for which he was created and trained. Taking on the role of king is no mean task, though Joshua doesn’t care. He will finally have the freedom he so longed for all his life. Paul, his nemesis, tells him how much he hates Joshua but can’t destroy him. Paul’s insane jealousy and hatred causes him to change his mind and send Joshua’s throne tumbling. He decides to turn most of the population with the help of his army of vampires and recapture his royal title.

Joshua finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, murder and witchcraft. His biggest secret, that he has inherited the vampire gene from his nemesis, must remain so. Vowing he’ll rid the island of murdering vampires and werewolves, he devises a plan to escape the castle and freely roam the city and forests without fear of recognition and exposure.

Much to his surprise, he meets the woman he’s seen so many times in his dreams. Unsure of himself, wondering if she is really his soulmate or if the feelings he has for her are caused because he’s never been with a woman, he makes plans to date Katarina Goddard.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75