A Love Unfinished

Clans of Fire, 1

Bethany-Kris debuts with a bang with A Love Unfinished. I couldn't put it down!

Dani is trying to start over. New job, new town, new friends. She comes to New York looking to start over. The love of her life disappeared from her life without any warning. Leaving Dani torn apart, trying to pick up the pieces.

Holden walks into the coffeehouse looking for Dani. He's been out of her life for a year, but never out of her heart. He asks for one minute of her time to explain what happened a year ago. She gives him five.

Dani and Holden's story is great from start to finish. Dani is brought into a world that is unbelievable. Holden introduces her to it because he's something a little more. Read the book to see if what Holden and Dani had can survive and give them both something so much more worthwhile.

Book Blurb for A Love Unfinished

Over two decades ago, an attack on The Clan of Cobalt left families of dragons in ruins. Now, with the clans able to start rebuilding their lives, history is beginning to rewrite, one dragon and one mate at a time…

Dani Heartview spent a year running from the past she can’t forget and it’s about to catch up in the form of Holden Levy. When he suddenly disappeared, she was devastated, but now he’s back. Even if she can’t deny their connection, the man who returned is vastly different from the one who left.

With Holden’s secrets uncovered, the Alpha dragon inside the man is demanding for its mate to be claimed, but there’s danger lurking close by. Still, his abandonment is a monster she can’t shake. Can she forgive to restart their life, and if she does, can Dani handle exactly what it means to be a dragon’s mate?

Be Warned: anal sex, light bondage

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00