Where The Wind Blows

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Where The Wind Blows

Chase Logan has been charged with telling Jessie Strong that her husband, Nathan, is dead. He doesn’t relish telling her and especially doesn’t want to tell her exactly how Nathan died. When Chase arrives at the homestead he finds that Jessie is much younger than he thought she would be and he finds himself oddly attracted and protective of her.
Jessie Strong is the very young widow of Nathan Strong, and an orphan. She is somewhat shocked by the news of Nathan’s death but is more upset over what she’s going to do about the little girl she was hoping to adopt from the orphanage she spent a good portion of her childhood in. But there are a few secrets that could tear the couple apart and a bad guy or two who aren’t happy with Chase and Jessie.
This is a wonderfully tender tale about accepting each other and loving someone, faults and all. It’s about surviving and making a good life when everything in your past says you shouldn’t have that. Jessie and Chase must both learn to trust and overcome the things in their past that are holding them back. They learn to let go and embrace the love they share.
Ms. Fyffe has crafted a well written tender tale that will leave you with a warm smile and a renewed faith in love and getting through it all.

Book Blurb for Where The Wind Blows

*Golden Heart Winner

Two hearts meant to be together; One secret bound to rip them apart.

Chase Logan liked being a loner, a drifter, free and clear as amountain stream. But one look into Jessie Strong's sky blue eyes and in the span of a heartbeat, he found himself agreeing to be her husband-and a father!

Jessie Strong knew it was all pretend. And only temporary. Just until the adoption went through for three-year-old Sarah. But the longer Chase stayed, the less she could imagine a long, lonely Wyoming winter without him. Times may be tough-supplies short and danger just outside the doorstep-but with the strength of the pioneer spirit and the warm glow of love in their herts, Chase and Jessie are determined to have a true family at last, no matter WHERE THE WIND BLOWS.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00