Werewulf Journals 4.5: Panty Express

Series: Werewulf Journals ; Previous Book: Sated Pleasures

Chase McCallum is the Atlanta alpha for his werewolf pack. He’s also been waiting three years to claim his mate, Andrea. In order to keep human eyes away from the fact that Chase and Andrea are werewolves, they have postponed their mating ceremony till Andrea turns 18 in human years.
In the three years since Chase made his mark on Andrea and claimed her as mate the tension between the two of them has grown to astronomical proportions. This is due partly with the help of Chase’s cousin hunter, who has been sending a pair of Andrea’s used panties to Chase every month.
This is a short novella by Ms. Anthony that has a new twist on werewolf tales. It’s also so hot sexually that I’m surprised my computer didn’t catch on fire. Andi and Chase are interesting and funny and very much ready to make their lifelong commitment.
This novella was a pleasure to read and gave me more than one laugh along with needing an ice cube or zillion to cool me down. Well done, Ms. Anthony.

Book Blurb for Werewulf Journals 4.5: Panty Express

Series: Werewulf Journals ; Previous Book: Sated Pleasures

Series Note: This fling takes place between the prologue and first chapter of HUNTING CHASE, the fifth installment of Werewulf Journals , coming soon to Loose Id.

Genre: Werewolf Paranormal

Length: Valentine’s Day Fling

Contrary to human law, Andrea's no child and she's got the hot new bod to prove it. Unfortunately, she also has the unfulfilled desires that go along with it. It's time to convince Chase that, far from trying to protect her from himself, he'll have to rev up his game just to keep up with her!

For three years Hunter's teased Chase by sending pairs of Andrea's panties. Chase's men call them the Panty Express because they show up faithfully every month. It's nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment, since a mature wulf needs sex like spring needs flowers.

This Valentine's Day, everything changes. The Panty Express is packing heat, sending a message Chase can't mistake. His mate has thrown down a challenge and Chase has every intention of taking her up on it.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dream sequence of foreplay in shifted form, masturbation, violence. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50