Vows of a Vampire

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Vows of a Vampire

Paranormal Erotica

Varick made a vow to his mentor Dante, to protect Aubrey. Varick keeps his vow, but finds himself falling in love with Aubrey. There is a problem though. The problem, Varick is a vampire and Aubrey is a mortal.

In this novella by Ann Cory the sex is steamy, the vampires in conflict with each other and the love is true. Overcoming the obstacles in their way Varick and Aubrey find a greater happiness.

Ms. Cory was able to portray well developed characters in a short work. Something I admire and don't always find in short novellas. There is humor, tension, conflict and resolution in this work and I recommend it for a quick steamy read in a warm bath. You might not even need to turn on the hot water; this novella could just heat the water on its own.

Book Blurb for Vows of a Vampire

A promise made. A promise broken. Can love prevail while shrouded in danger?

Varick vows to honour his mentor's last wish, to watch over Aubrey, a woman with a complicated past. Against his better judgment, Varick finds his level of emotions growing for Aubrey each day. But, when an accident nearly takes her from him, Varick has no other choice than to reveal his true identity.

Aubrey finds herself in the company of a dark and seductive stranger, who claims to not only know a lot about her, but also claims to be a vampire. She tries to ignore her instant attraction for him and the way his body makes her weak.

As leader of his clan, Varick must make a choice. Follow his heart, or follow the path set before him. With a growing unease among the clan, his brothers consider a new leader. When Varick's love for a mortal is exposed, he is thrust into a dangerous situation, one that also puts Aubrey's life at risk.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.75