Vampires Not Invited

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Vampires Not Invited

A Night Tracker Novel, #3

Nix Ciar is a paranormal/private investigator by day and a Night Tracker by night. Night trackers are the paranormal world’s version of the police. They help keep order among all the different paranormal species so that the normal world doesn’t know about all the things that go bump in the night. She’s also half human, half Drow, aka dark elf.

She has a human boyfriend named Adam, who also happens to be a New York City cop and a human partner in her paranormal/private investigation firm named Olivia. Adam and Olivia are aware of all the different paranormal species that live in New York and have joined up with Nix and the other trackers to help keep order.

Vampires have been trying to get on the Paranormal Council for years, but have consistently met with the attitude of Vampires Not Invited. But they have a plan to change that attitude. They plan to take over and enslave all other paranormal species. The vampires have recruited the sprites to help them achieve their goal. The sprites have agreed thinking they’ll get more respect and privileges.

Nix doesn’t have a high opinion of many of the paranormal species she deals with. Some of that opinion is based on personal experience with them, but a lot of it is based on what others have told her or what was written in the past. The problem with that is that those opinions are shared by many of the members the Paranormal Council. Most of those opinions are based on a small percentage of the members of those species and they are based on an outside view of the people. None of those opinions is based on Nix actually knowing any member of the species she looks down on personally or to any extent. She’s never taken the time or had a reason to take the time to get to know any of them.

In Vampires Not Invited Ms. McCray takes us further into the world of the Night Trackers. She also eloquently explores the problems them come with excluding those you are ruling over from getting a say in the rules. As well as just how problematic preconceived notions and opinions about others can be. Ms. McCray explores what many of us face on a daily basis, being judged by others who haven’t taken the time to get to know us as a person.

Nix has a lot to learn still, but she’s making strides in the right direction and is willing to learn. She’s had what she thought was fact challenged and found that it doesn’t hold up to closer inspection. Nix and her cohorts have had their eyes opened somewhat and will now be able to help make strides in getting all the paranormal species treated more fairly.

I’ve read the other books in this series and wasn’t disappointed by this newest episode in Nix’s life. I look forward to seeing how Nix continues to grow and learn and help ALL the species she helps patrol to feel at least a little more equal to all the others.  

Book Blurb for Vampires Not Invited

Nyx has battled and overcome evil of almost every kind. Now she faces challenges that will tax every skill and strength, and every bit of willpower she has.
Volod, an ancient Vampire has a plan. He is after knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Especially when that knowledge will allow the ruthless Vampire to have power over every race of Paranorm beings in Manhattan.

Nyx faces what could be her hardest case ever. Stop the ancient Vampire before he controls New York City’s paranormal underworld.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00