Topaz Dream

Topaz Dream is a prequel to Gates of Hell.

What would you do if life as you knew it was changing? What would you do if the words “personal freedoms” became a thing of the past? Would you stay and fight? Would you hide away on your own planet and let the rest of the world sort it all out? These are the questions childhood friends and adult lovers, Darth, Vance and Gabby must face.
Topaz Dream is set in the future. It is set in a future where aliens have landed and in some cases left behind mutant genes that have lead to uprisings. To prevent further uprisings the government is taking drastic steps to test, sterilize and mate the population of Earth. Darth, Vance and Gabby must each face what this means to them and to their threesome.
Ms. Jacobs has written a thought provoking work that could easily parallel some of the issues we currently face. You will feel outraged that such things can occur and you will probably stop and take a look at some of the things that have occurred in the US since 9/11. And you might even find that you can’t fully answer the above questions. But you’ll be thinking all the way through this novella.
Oh and there’s some smoking hot sex scenes to think about too.
Special Notes: This is an erotic work and contains graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, including male/male sexual intercourse. It should be well protected from access by those under 18.
It also contains other subject matter some might find disturbing and should be read with this in mind and with caution if you are a sensitive reader. In other words, if you prefer your reading with perfectly happy endings and little to no strife … this is NOT the work for you.

Book Blurb for Topaz Dream

Topaz Dream is a prequel to Gates of Hell.

The year is 2125. Personal freedoms are abolished by the New World Order. No one is exempt. The time of Earth’s darkness has begun… Implementation of the cruel rules forever change the lives of three childhood friends.

Only one, Vance, has the ear of the despotic rulers through his uncle. In the only solution available to him, he forces a mating with Darth, whom he’s loved forever, and saves Gaby from a fate worse than death as a sex slave. But the modifications made to Gaby have made her sexually insatiable—too much even for two lovers. In a desperate attempt to find a solution, they flee Earth one step ahead of the Federation’s soldiers.

Luna Ten beckons—but will it be the answer to all their dreams?


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00