The Wildest Heart

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The Wildest Heart

Lady Rowena Dangerfield is the cherished granddaughter of an English Earl and governor of an Indian province. She is independent, intelligent and highly educated, something that is very rare in the 1870's. When her grandfather dies she heads to London and her mother, who wants nothing to do with her, and never has. She faces the challenges of a society that she is unprepared for as well as a Stepfather who eventually uses her for his own passions. That is until she receives the news that her father is alive and awaiting her in New Mexico. A father she hasn't seen since she was an infant, and who now is dying.

Lucas Kordes, aka Luke Cord, is a half-breed Apache/Spanish outlaw and the hated enemy of Rowena's business partner, Todd Shannon. Todd blames Luke's mother for the death of his first beloved wife and has a hatred for all things Native American, including Luke. Rowena's father however was a friend of the Apache's and of Luke's in particular. Luke has no love for the overbearing bully either.

But there are secrets. Lots and lots of secrets and Rowena gets pulled into the blood feud between the Shannon's and the Kordes, with no real answers from any of them to what the truth really is. As time goes on she questions everyone and wonders who she can really trust. She also discovers that life in the rough and tough southwest can be harsh, hard and violent. But can also hide passions that are completely unexpected.

Ms. Rogers has crafted what can best be described as an epic novel. It is around 700 pages long, but seems much shorter as it flows so well. The plot twists and turns and have so many surprises you won't be able to put this work down until you've reached the climatic end. The characters are all well developed and are true to many of the attitudes of the day, both toward women and toward Native American tribes. Ms. Roger's also challenges the reader to find the real bad guy amongst the cast of characters who all have something to hide and uncover the secrets everyone is hiding. The vivid imagery she crafts will take you to the Southwest of yesteryear, when outlaws and renegades were everywhere, where towns and cities were built around mines or cattle and where the landscape is varied, beautiful, dangerous and took days to cross.

I highly recommend this wonderful work. You won't want to put it down and will miss your bedtime until you get to the happily ever after.

Book Blurb for The Wildest Heart

New York Times bestseller with over 3 million sold - the #1 bestselling book from mega-bestselling author.

Rosemary Rogers' romances are known for their breathtaking pace, wide ranging and exotic locales, violent passions and unforgettable characters. The Wildest Heart is Rosemary Rogers'#1 bestselling book, with nearly three million copies sold.
Heroine Rowena Dangerfield is sensual, headstrong, and scandalously independent, the granddaughter of the governor of an Indian province under the British empire. After his death, she travels to England and then to New Mexico, where she arrives in grand style to lay claim to her inheritance.

There she discovers an affinity with the wild and untamed frontier and meets Lucas Cord, a devastatingly handsome half-Apache renegade, whose reputation as a feared outlaw both attracts and repels her. When he encounters the beautiful stranger, unlike any woman he's ever met before, he knows instantly that he'll have to win her for his own, and not even the treachery of desperate enemies is going to stop him.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.75