The Way You Love Me

A Grayson Friends Novel

Paige Albright is high society; Shane Elliott is a hired investigator and bodyguard. Only Paige doesn’t know that Shane has been hired by her mother to investigate and get rid of Paige’s current beau. A man her father picked out for her. But there are family secrets causing problems for Paige too.
This is a story of intrigue, romance and what secrets can do to a family and the relationships therein. The characters are well developed. However, I had a hard time with the fact that Paige was such a whiney baby spoiled brat who, in her late 20’s, couldn’t deal with her mother having a portion of her life that didn’t include her daughter. I also had a hard time believing she was completely oblivious to the fact her father was an abusive to her mother. It has been my experience that children, no matter how sheltered, are as ignorant as Paige was portrayed, ESPECIALLY when physical abuse is involved in a family dynamic.
Other than that I found Ms. Ray’s work well worth the read and would recommend this title.

Book Blurb for The Way You Love Me

Nothing gets to Shane Elliott.  A former Army Ranger, now head of security for a wealthy real estate tycoon, Shane can handle whatever life throws at him—until he meets the beautiful, kindhearted Paige Albright.  She's about to inherit a fortune, and Paige's mother has asked Shane to investigate her boyfriend.  It should have been a simple, standard assignment for Shane...if only Paige's seductive mix of strength and vulnerability didn't leave him wanting her for himself.

All her life, Paige has put others' needs before her own, even going so far as choosing a man to please her father.  Now her mother's mysterious houseguest is tempting her to go after what she truly wants...even if it's the cool, assertive, irresistible Shane himself.  But is he who he appears to be?  And how can Paige know whether to trust her own judgment—and their red-hot attraction?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.75