The Magic Of Moonlight

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The Magic Of Moonlight

Gia Santora is a world-famous rock star. She has lived hard and played harder all of her life. Now, in her late thirties, she is getting tired of the same old life in the fast lane. Her band mates all have significant others, be them straight or gay. She has no one. She doesn’t do one night stands anymore, after a very close call with a stalker three years ago. What she longs for is something more meaningful, although she is still a little gun shy about the notion of a serious, committed relationship.

Sin Carstens, hottest, up-and-coming rock guitarist on the planet, has joined Gia’s tour as her opening act, and has Gia all tied up in knots. She is extremely attracted to him, but is concerned about their age difference, as he is a bit younger than her. What she doesn’t realize though, is that Sin has been attracted to her since the first time that he laid eyes on her, and though he knows age might be a criticizing factor for others, it is not for him.

Miss Charlotte Purcell has a dream of being a painter, she also dreams of working for renowned Scottish painter Duncan Ferguson to paint portraits. But a gypsy hired by her aunt predicts that she’ll never work for him and that her destiny lies in the arms of a rich handsome stranger. The gypsy also predicts she’ll see the reflection of her true love in an old mirror at midnight. As well as predicting the downfall of her greedy and mean relatives. Madame Thea predicts that Charlotte will be the wife of an earl by the same time the following year.

Colin, Lord Knowlton, is bored silly at the party put on by Charlotte’s Aunt and Uncle and is even more tired of their machinations to match him with their widowed daughter. He has absolutely no intention of getting married anytime soon, and especially not to the overbearing woman who has specific designs on his person. Things change when he meets Charlotte though. He is impressed with how talented a painter she is as well as how beautiful she is. But Colin has other more pressing issues to deal with at home and can’t stay around to court the lovely Charlotte.

Things change for the two of them when they dance in the moonlight at midnight. And they really change for the pair when Charlotte is kicked out and has to make her way on her own to Scotland. Colin comes upon her as she’s walking down the road, in the snow, as it’s getting dark. Being a gentleman he can’t rightly let her walk. He volunteers to take her to her destination, after a stop at his home.

This work is well done and moves very well. The plot twists and turns had enough mystery to keep you guessing till the end. Will Colin and Charlotte get their happily ever after? Will the gypsy’s predictions come true? Will all turn out as it should? These are all questions you’ll be asking as you read this work. The characters are well developed and mostly likeable; some are scary obsessive but well done ones.

The one problem I had with this work was the over use of the title in the book. I know authors are required to use the title as a line in the book at least once, and I’m good with that, more than twice and it annoys me. This is a pet peeve of mine even with some well-known authors who tend to overdo the use of the title. Ms. Neal uses it 4 times in its exact form and twice as a variation. The other pet peeve I had with this work was the use of the word phallus. Overuse of a particular word is also a particular pet peeve of mine. In this case it’s the word phallus. Yes I know that’s one of the technical terms for the male genitalia, but using it 5 times in 50 pages is too much for my personal taste, and using it 3 times in 5 pages is flat out annoying. There are plenty of other non-graphic words to use for the male private parts.

Again these are personal pet peeves of mine and did detract from the emotion of the story and the scenes. For most people, however, I don’t think it’ll be an issue and they will enjoy the story.

Book Blurb for The Magic Of Moonlight

Historical English Tea Rose
Page Count: 324

Charlotte Purcell doesn't believe in magic. To her, the prediction she'll see her future husband's face in a mirror at midnight is sheer nonsense. Even when dashing Lord Knollton's reflection appears beside hers as the midnight hour chimes, she dismisses it as coincidence...and fights her potent attraction to him. Noblemen don't marry dowerless women. Nor do their wives pursue art careers—and paint Charlotte must! Knollton has problems—big problems. A band of smugglers rules the coast near his home, and the rogues elude capture by disappearing into thin air! Worse, they plan to murder him. So now isn't the time to court a woman—especially an impulsive artist who plunges headlong into peril to pursue her art. Yet...the moment Charlotte and Knollton waltz in the moonlight and share a forbidden kiss, The magic of moonlight draws them into a whirlwind of passion and danger they cannot escape...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.50