The Bride Spy

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The Bride Spy

The Civil War Brides Series Book #3

Hannah Nelson is a college student, ballet dancer and Private Investigator. She's also a New Zealand transplant to Chicago. When her friend Emma, as well as Emma's sister and brother in law go missing, Hannah is rightfully upset. What she can't understand is what happened to them. There are no leads and no signs of foul play. They simply disappeared from their house in Portland, Oregon. What Hannah does find is that another person, a medical student, went missing from that same house in 1997. To relieve her stress and tension over her missing friends, Hannah heads to the dance studio before an assignment for the PI firm she works for. On her way in, something doesn't feel quite right and she goes to investigate. When she encounters a painting from 1865, she wonders why she can't meet a man like him and live happily ever after. While getting a closer look at the painting everything suddenly goes black.

Christopher Butler is a member of Lincoln's War Cabinet. He takes his position very seriously as well as his responsibilities to his family. He is known to his family as Christopher the Big, partially because of his height but also because of his overbearing attitude. While most of it comes from his love of his family, especially his sister Gwen, most of it comes from being a male in 1863. Christopher's ideas are about to be challenged when he returns to his family's farm in Catonsville, Maryland and an unexpected visitor shows up.

When Hannah awakens to the sound of a very nice voice and the face from the painting she is completely confused about where she is and how she got there. Christopher and Gwen are equally confused about the strange woman in their parent's barn. Will these two, who feel an immediate connection, be able to adjust to what fate has in store for them?

While I like the concept and I like the characters for the most part, I'm not a fan of a woman who cries because her husband has to go to work. And I especially don't buy that a woman who was independent and a PI in the present would get transported back in time and all of a sudden become some wimpy woman. Hannah goes from being a strong woman to a woman who sobs/bursts into tears at the drop of a hat. What happened to her spine? Did it get ripped out when she went through time? Yet she gets all pissy about being asked for an itinerary when danger is clearly present. She insists she won't be told what to do . but whines that Chris has to go to work and she'll be "bored".

Also I just cannot accept that people from 1863 would just blithely accept the information that Hannah is from the future, it just doesn't compute. It wouldn't be that easily accepted NOW, it absolutely wouldn't have been that easily accepted in 1863. In this book I also had a hard time with Hannah and Chris getting married in a week. It would take me at least a week to fully accept that I was where I was and I sure as heck would be looking for a way back to my life, before making any snap life decisions.

Overall an OK read, but not something that I would reread. There were just too many things that don't add up or annoyed me. If you don't mind a heroine who sobs then check out this book as the storyline is interesting in itself.

Book Blurb for The Bride Spy

Hannah Nelson, a native New Zealander, has been accepted to DePaul University in Chicago. She had been living in Portland, Oregon for several years, and is relieved to be away from the questions surrounding the sudden disappearance of her close friend, Emma. While at her dance studio, housed in an historic building in downtown Chicago, she is drawn to a painting of a handsome man from 1865, and as she looks into his emerald green eyes, her world goes black.

Christopher Butler is in Lincoln's War Cabinet and working with his close friend, Clayton Madden to keep the President safe. Upon returning from Lincoln's historic Gettysburg Address, he hears a strange noise in his barn, and enters to find a beautiful woman unconscious on the straw strewn floor. He realizes quickly she is the key to his sanity and he will never let her go. As Hannah navigates her new world and comes to terms with the fact she has been transported back in time, will she allow Christopher to love her? Will she find answers about what happened to Emma in her own circumstances, and will she find out if her presence in the past will help the state of the future?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.00