Temporary Intrigue

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Temporary Intrigue

Dimity Forbes is a fantastic artist and a really bad secretary. Josh Williams is a really good executive and a good guy. Josh comes to Dimity’s rescue when she has a terrible accident with a seam and a too tight skirt. Josh also becomes Dimity’s boss when she takes on a 4 week temporary assignment as a secretary at the hotel Josh’s company is taking over. Over those 4 weeks Josh and Dim become close and there is a mutual attraction. The problems come into play when Dim keeps having some very strange accidents. Josh suspects it might be Dim’s brother, Shane, who has been living with her recently and essentially mooching off big sister.
This is a witty and wacky work with just the right touch of a mystery to it. Dimity has to face that her brother is taking advantage of the promise she made to their dying father to look after him. Shane has to face that it’s WAY past time to stop feeling sorry for himself and grow up. And Josh has to face that he’s in love with Dimity.
Mixed in with these three main and wonderfully wacky characters is the other boss at the hotel, who has a thing for Josh and isn’t happy at all that Dimity has his attention. There is Sandra, the hair dressing best friend who loans Dim the aforementioned skirt. And there’s Leigh, Shane’s very mean, very lazy and very crazy girlfriend.
Ms. Huston has written a story that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry, make you want to slap a character or two and tell them to grow the freak up, and it will definitely make you smile and cheer for Josh and Dim’s very happy ending.

Book Blurb for Temporary Intrigue

Luckily for Dimity Forbes, it’s not really an issue that she has made a disastrous first impression on Josh Williams. Romance is currently running a poor third on her priority list - or is it?
Luckily for Josh, he can see that this wacky, accident-prone blonde is totally the wrong type for him. Even if it seems that some of those mishaps might not be quite so accidental after all, it’s nothing to do with him, and he’ll take good care to stay away from the temptation she represents. Or will he?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.25