Tall, Dark, and Texan

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Tall, Dark, and Texan

Bookstore owner Eli Barton is dead. For his wife, Jessica, it’s a blessing and a curse. For Teagan McMurray it means the loss of the only person he considered a friend. What Teagan doesn’t know is that Jessica is really Eli, at least the Eli who has been writing Teagan for the past 10 years. And she’s in desperate need of help. Jessica lies to Teagan to get him to let her and her 3 young daughters stay with him, at least long enough to rest and recuperate before moving on into hiding. When Jessica’s in-laws track her down and demand the girls be turned over to them, Teagan saves the day by marrying Jessica. They begin to settle into their life together, but there are secrets that could destroy their happiness.
Ms. Thomas takes you through a minefield of emotions in Tall, Dark & Texan that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. You’ll find yourself alternately wanting to smack Teagan and telling him to get over it, and wanting to shake Jessica for not being straight and honest with Teagan from the start. In the end however, you’ll smile broadly and say “awww” when both Jessica and Teagan finally let go of everything and let love be the true guiding force in their lives.

Book Blurb for Tall, Dark, and Texan

Teagen McMurray would ride to hell and back to protect his land. He’d certainly never felt that way about a woman. Not, at least, until Jessie Barton showed up with her three little girls, desperate for a place to stay. Suddenly he found himself proposing marriage, telling himself it was only to protect her and her children.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00