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Sliding Home

Kason Rhodes returns from 6 weeks at spring training to find his previously ultra-hidden, ultra private home taken over by a female. One who has stocked up on bulk food and paper goods in his home. Granted his home is currently a run down mobile home, but that's not the point. She's a squatter, he's practically a hermit who likes his privacy and she has got to go.

Dayne Sheridan is said female squatter. She takes over Kason's trailer in the middle of nowhere thinking it's abandoned. She thinks Kason is down on his luck and isn't aware that he's the higest paid outfielder in major league baseball. She's also trying to heal from being dumped by former boyfriend Mick "in the morning" Jakes, an on the rise DJ in Baltimore. She's sworn off men, but men in the spotlight in particular.

Dayne and Kason are two very different people. She's outgoing and friendly; he's introverted and almost scary. Each has their own tragic past to deal with and overcome before they can settle down to the life fate has decreed for them.

Ms. Angell has written a great little ditty that will bring a smile to your face. She faces issues like how our childhoods and pasts forever affect how we view the world. She also possesses a keen sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud at some pretty silly antics by grown ups. And you'll be intrigued by Kason and Dayne from first page to last all with America's past time as the backdrop. There's also a powerful reminder that things and people aren't always what they seem and you should never judge someone without knowing, as my dad says, "What chases them through the night". Something we all need reminded of now and then.

I thoroughly enjoyed this well crafted, wonderfully witty and touching tale of life in and out of the spotlight. I'm a new fan of Ms. Angell's and can't wait to read more of her baseball inspired titles.

On a side note, my husband said the player’s names aren't ball player names (or nicknames) ... more like hockey players. Normally I would say "but what does he know." In his case though, he knows baseball backwards and forwards inside out and upside down LOL I personally thought the names were great and I think other readers will too.

Good on ya, Ms. Angell.

Book Blurb for Sliding Home

WHO’D BEEN SLEEPING IN KASON RHODES’S BED? The left fielder for the Richmond Rogues had returned from six weeks of spring training in Florida to find someone had moved into his mobile home. That person was presently in his shower. And no matter how sexy the squatter might be, Kason wanted her out. He had his trusty dobie, Cimarron; he didn’t need anyone else in his life. Not even a stubborn tomboy who roused all kinds of wild reactions in him, then soothed his soul with peace offerings of home-cooked meals and kindness. The bad boy of baseball was ready to play hardball if need be, but with Dayne Sheridan firmly planted between his sheets, he found himself. . .SLIDING HOME

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50