Sex Me Slow

Felicity Sorrel and Storm Vanier are warriors of their people. They are charged with finding and bringing down an infected member of the Hienial people who has kidnapped two women. Along the way they realize that they are destined mates. While tracking the kidnapper they land on what seems to be a deserted planet, but come across one of the pure ancestors of the Hienial people.
Brandt Somanta has been in stasis for nearly a millennium, he’s a pure Hienial leader who took as many of his people as possible and went into hiding and stasis until the virus that infected and turned his people into evil beasts could be eradicated or cured. He discovers Felicity and Storm as he’s exploring the planet his people are in stasis on. He helps them track down the felon and realizes that Felicity is his destined mate also. He also realizes that Storm and Felicity are part of an ancient prophesy.
This is a great quick story that comes full circle and leaves you wanting more in a very short amount of time. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series to see how everything turns out for Storm, Felicity and Brandt. While this is the 4th book in the series and a short novella it easily stands alone and you’re not completely lost. However, I’m sure you’ll want to know more about the characters in this series.
Special Notes: This is an erotic work and therefore has some graphic sexual exploits and should therefore not be read by those who like their sex scenes a little less detailed.

Book Blurb for Sex Me Slow

Felicity Sorrel, a highly trained Amazonian warrior, didn’t expect her leader to send her on one of the most important missions of her life. Neither did she expect to have company. But sometimes the unexpected can lead to life-altering changes.

Storm Vanier never thought to take a mate, but one look at the beautiful Amazonian, Felicity, and he knows his search is over. When Ryo of Kneese assigns him to hunt down and terminate Helio, the evil Hienial traitor, and rescue the two Amazonians he kidnapped, he didn’t expect to stumble upon a lost city–the city of his ancestors.

Brandt Somanta had waited centuries for this moment, the moment their people had prayed for and planned for long ago. As the prophecy of their salvation begins to unfold, Brandt welcomes the arrival of the newcomers, because only with them and their people, will the original Hienials have a chance to become whole once more.

As a slumbering city begins to awaken, danger and intrigue go hand in hand when the Children of the Triads search for a cure for the sickness that forced the Hienials to create their saviors.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50