Savage Love

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Savage Love

Seasonal/ Were/ Paranormal

Kelly Walker is determined to see the man who murdered her sister brought to justice. Alex Gray is an undercover agent working on bringing that man to justice. Kelly is frustrated that it’s been a year and nothing has been done to the murderer, so she goes to the bar he frequents. Alex is working undercover as a bartender and has warned Kelly to stay away. Alex and Kelly share a mutual attraction. The problem is Kelly isn’t fully aware of who and what Alex really is, or what she’s stepped into with her sister’s murderer. Alex just happens to be a werewolf and the murderer is a vampire.
I really enjoyed this short story by Ms. Smith and think you will too. It’s very well done with great characters, smoking hot sex and a super sexy alpha male. What more can you ask for? Not a whole lot. The plot moves well and although it’s a short story, you’ll find it doesn’t feel like a short story.
Pick this up for a quick read before bed or for during a bath and you’ll definitely have good dreams. I sure did.

Book Blurb for Savage Love

Kelly Walker will do anything to catch her sister's killer, including entering a world she'd had no idea existed, and giving her heart to a man not completely human.

Kelly Walker is determined to bring down the man who killed her sister. One year later and there still hasn't been an arrest made. She knows there is an on-going investigation headed by the attractive and intriguing Alex Gray. The only man who has ever been able to touch something deep inside her she'd rather not know about. Their attraction is almost animalistic.

Alex Gray has tried for a year to keep Kelly out of the investigation he's given two years of his life for. But when he finds her trapped with the man he knows has killed before, he must risk everything to protect her. Showing her what he really is and what they are up against could cost him the one thing he's waited his entire life for—a mate.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.75