Red Mortal

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Red Mortal

A Gods of Midnight Novel

King Leonidas of Sparta died 2491 years ago at the Battle of Thermopylae. However, Ares, God of War, rescued Leonidas and several of his top warriors from the underworld and gave them immortality. In exchange they would fight battles on behalf of mankind and Ares. But Ares is a cruel taskmaster and the noble warriors get tired of being under his command. But there is only so much they can do, or lose their immortality.

Daphne is a Daughter of Delphi and an Oracle. Specifically, the Spartans' oracle. She's also been in love with Leonidas for centuries. But because of her duties and her status as a demi-goddess, as well as threats from her half brother Ares, she hasn't done anything about her love for Leo. When Ares strips Leonidas of his immortality, Daphne decides she's had enough, and does her best to find a way to save Leo and their love.

This is the final book in the Lords of Midnight series by Ms. Knight. However, it is also a standalone novel and not reading the others in the series won't hinder you in anyway. I haven't read the other books in the series and I was able to keep up with all the characters with no problem.

I really enjoyed the concept that these noble warriors, who stood against overwhelming odds, were given a second chance at life and love. Ms. Knight took revered historical figures and gave them new life, while keeping with who they were known to be in their own time. I thoroughly enjoyed this work. The plot moved well, and the come uppance served at the end made sure the Spartan warriors were still the heroes they were in life. I was a fan of Ms. Knights before I read this work and my opinion of her work hasn't changed. I find it extremely well done and worth the time and money. You will enjoy all her characters and the challenges they face. While this work does stand alone very well I'm sure you'll want to read the other works as well. I know that I'll be catching up with the Spartans in the previous books very soon.

Book Blurb for Red Mortal

Leonidas has long led his fellow immortal warriors in battle with quiet, unyielding strength. But when Daphne, Oracle of Delphi, confesses to having loved him from afar, Leo finds his stoic shell breaking away. Just as their love ignites, Daphne's half-brother Ares strips Leonidas of his immortality. Now, it's just a matter of time before Leonidas is taken from her-unless they can find a way to challenge Ares together.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50